Atsy says…

It has almost been a month since the tragedy of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake  had hit the people in Haiti.

Since then, numerous attempts to raise money and awareness have been made to send help overseas: Most out of pure good-heartedness, and some, out of questionable intention.

For instance, Lady Gaga  auctioning her glitter-skeleton corset for $5,000, with “all proceeds going to Haiti.”


A couple in Texas selling all they have for the Haiti relief:

Take that, Wyclef.

Taking all this in, I became curious as to what natural disasters and scares other parts of the world are being affected by…

and this is what I found of my motherland:

These giant “Nomura” jellyfish, which grow up to 6 feet in diameter and weigh up to 450 pounds, are slowly making their way to Japan due to the ocean’s current.  The Japanese fear that these giant jellies will invade their land once again as it did in past years.  Researchers are freaking out and measuring the amount of time before they arrive onto the Pacific coast of Japan.  It is said that these creatures are detrimental to the fishing industry for it destroys fishing nets and kills other fish in the sea.

…I’m sorry. but there has got to be bigger things to worry about.  Although I’ve got to admit, those are some giant fish.

Jellyfish is quite a popular dish in Japan… that said, they should be happy that there will be “more jelly for the belly.”


More Atsy says coming soon.


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