Atsy says…

I am pissed.

Been following the battle to pass the healthcare reform plan on and off.  As a fellow resident of California without health insurance, I found it an important issue.

I am super excited to be able to say that the bill finally got signed last Tuesday, even though it was taken back to the House for a re-write the week before that.  (which made my heart drop for a second)

Here are the details to what this Reform will do for citizens:

It’ll take affect in about six months, but

1. Students up to age 26 will be able to get coverage under their parents’ health plan, instead of having to pay for their own.

2.  Senior citizens who got fucked over with high prices of prescription drugs will get a $250 dollar rebate, and beginning next year, they will get 50% discount off of brand name drugs over the counter.

3.  NO DENYING health insurance to kids with pre-existing conditions.  Also effective in six months.

4.  MEDICAID (free health insurance) will be offered to a wider range of people.  The poverty line has been raised to a higher income a year.  (Families that make about $30,000 or less can apply!)

You can get more info in summary here:;contentBody

So there’s an attempt to reform the health care plan that hasn’t been quite working.  The government wants to take charge to help a wider range of people receive health coverage.  I say, let’s try it.  I’m all for it.  What are the Republicans and Tea Partiers complaining and so pissed off about?

If something doesn’t work, if something is killing people, if something is making people suffer, the logical thing to do is, FIX it!  So everybody will be required to have health insurance.  And this pisses people off??  We’re required to have car insurance, aren’t we?

and the claims against the healthcare reform bill are getting really ridiculous.

Check this out:

“Filling in for Glenn Beck on his radio show, conservative radio host Doc Thompson recently made the stunningly outrageous claim that a tax on indoor tanning salons, as included in the health care reform bill, is racist. Such a tax, Thompson claimed, discriminates against “all light-skinned Americans” because only white-skinned Americans use tanning salons. Never mind the deadly effect tanning beds and the like have on your skin and health, nor the fact that the tax would generate $2.7 billion over ten years to help pay for health care. No, that couldn’t have anything to do with why the tax was included in the health care bill.”

Give me a break.


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