“Drive safe friends / make lots of good films…”

were the last words I heard from Graham Leggat.

I’m truly sad to say that Graham passed away two nights ago at the age of 51 after battling cancer for 18 months.  He was the executive director at the San Francisco Film Society and a dear friend.  I don’t get along with and like everybody I meet, but Graham’s genuine passion for life, a sense of community, and people were so transparent that I found myself falling under the spell of Leggat… which turned into a short but unforgettable friendship.  He has supported Mike, me, and the whole LiTTLEROCK crew so much with our journey the past year.

We miss him so much…

and we will do just what his last statement said to do: keep making films while embracing every day as a precious gift.

There will be a memorial service held for him in San Francisco at the end of September, and his farewell letter to the public when he announced his departure from the Film Society can be read at sffs.org.

Condolences can be sent to: inmemoryofgraham@sffs.org or c/o Jessica Anthony, SFFS, 39 Mesa Street, Suite 110, The Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129.


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